Sunday, February 16, 2014


Here's to the first step...
I've started this first post a dozen times. I've even written a few posts, and then deleted them all because I felt like they weren't a good representation of what I want this blog to be. Although to be fair - I'm not 100% percent sure what I want it to be.
I know of a few bits and pieces for sure...that I want to express my new found love for real, healthy food and great recipes, that's a definite. But the rest I can't put my finger on.
Maybe some crafts, maybe some inspirational quotes, some venting sessions, some research into random things, who knows.
That's why I titled it Living in Multitudes, because there are so many tiny facets that make up "living", to me at least. The one thing I do know, is that I need this creative outlet. I need to write, and I just need to, well...start. So here we go, day one. First awkward intro/post, check. Also, I know blog posts without pictures tend to bore people so I'll leave you with this picture of paradise/Punta Cana. You're welcome.

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